At A-American Electric, we don't just hire you—we welcome you into our family. No matter your experience level, we want you to spend the rest of your career with us. We invest in our employees through debt-free training and a robust benefits package that not only ensures that you are taken care of as one of our own, but also that you're able to provide a good life for your loved ones.

Our career path system is comprised of six 电工水平, ranging from EL0 to EL5. Each level requires a certain degree of skill and experience, 并因此支付反映这些成就的薪酬. You'll always be in the know as to exactly what sort of training and on-the-job situations you'll need in order to level up, 而这些机会总是存在的.

Candidates hired for the 住宅电工 position will enter with the experience and qualification level of an EL3 to an EL5. 申请以下职位!




$$$$$$ - 5年以上工作经验

This position is responsible for leading the largest or most difficult projects. This person should be an expert on managing manpower, Code, and trade installations.


$$$$$ - 4年以上工作经验

This position is responsible for leading projects with little supervision. 这个人有管理人力的能力, 工具, 材料, and equipment to complete on time and to a high standard of quality, 安全, 和代码.


$$$$ - 3年以上工作经验

This position is responsible for working under an Electrician or Superintendent on a project, or for leading selected projects with an Assistant/Apprentice on their own with follow-up and support from the field super and project manager.


$15-$18每小时/ 0years +经验


13- 15美元每小时/ 0years +经验


13美元每小时/ 0years +经验


我们在寻找一个积极主动的天生领导者, 有组织的, 决定性的, and able to guide his crew to deliver the best electrical services to all of our commercial customers throughout Western NC.



  • 有效地解决住宅电气问题
  • Install electrical components in finished areas with minimal disruption or damage
  • 领导和教导学徒
  • Represent A-American Electric with the highest level of professionalism
  • 安全是第一位的


  • 熟练工人的专业水平
  • 熟练掌握国家电气法规
  • 优秀的客户服务技能
  • 优秀的人际交往能力
  • 可靠的领导能力
  • 干净的驾驶记录


  • Asheville Journeyman Card Holder/State Electrical Licensure


  • 高中或同等学历(优先)


  • 驾照(必需)
  • 熟练电工(首选)
  • $18.00 – $30.00每小时


  • 健康保险
  • 牙齿保险
  • 视觉保险
  • 带薪休假时间
  • 带薪病假
  • 退休计划


  • 10小时的转变
  • 8小时的转变




A-American Electric knows happy employees make for a strong company.


I have worked for 4 electrical companies in the past 28 years. My experience over the past 5 years working with 正规nba买球app排行. 是我职业生涯中最好的. 大气中, professionalism and camaraderie of my fellow workers are the greatest I’ve had the privilege being a part of.


I’ve recently started working with A-American and I love it. I’ve been with a few different employees who have all been very professional and great men in general. 我很期待能与A-American合作.


I have less than a year experience working for A-American Electric but so far it has been great! I came into the trade with zero knowledge and not knowing if I would like it, 但这是我职业生涯中做出的最好的决定.

Jorge Nunez

我在A-American工作超过15年了. They are a family owned company, who pride themselves on providing great customer service. They are constantly offering electrical and 安全 training for the employees. 我很高兴在这里工作.


A-American Electric has been the best place I have ever had the pleasure of working at. The management is caring, and really help you to be the best that you can be. High quality work and a high quality place to work, recommend to anyone!


I have worked for A-American for close to 6 years now and couldn't ask for a better company to call home! They focus on developing employees into better people and electricians. 学校教育, 培训, 利润分享, 还有更多的好处, 它真的是一个家庭,而不仅仅是一家公司. A Christian based company who does right by their customers and employees!


Both the President and Vice-President as well as all the office staff are very attentive to the 安全 of their employees and the quality of our work. Our Managers are among the best most reliable men in their fields. The secretaries always do what ever it takes to make our jobs and lives easier so we can focus more on our customers. In closing my only regret would be having not started my career with 正规nba买球app排行. 我喜欢在正规nba买球app排行 .工作.


I enjoy everyday coming into work and working with an amazing crew. Of all the jobs I have had in my life this is the most professional, 最受尊敬的一群人. It was a very big decision for me to make this career move and I don’t regret a day of it.


I have been blessed to be working for A-American for the last +3 years. 为一家很棒的公司工作. 他们在工作的各个方面都很专业. It is a family oriented business and a great place to work. With there help and class that are provided by the company I was able to pass my state electrical exam.


诚信为本的公司. 公平和诚实的. 我为他们工作,也许你也应该这么做.


一个最值得为之工作的公司. Wonderful people to work with, lifting one another up to be the best electric company around. Whether you are looking to begin a career or need honest electrical work at a fair price, 你可以在A-American Electric找到.



We consider applications for all positions without regard to race, color, 宗教, 信条, 性, 国籍, 残疾, 性取向, 国籍, 或任何受法律保护的地位. 


  • 安全是我们的首要任务! 我们决不会以任何理由牺牲安全!

  • Look professional, talk professional, work professional, and you will be a professional electrician.

  • We will expect everyone to be on time and to use our time card app.

  • 至少是NEC. 为你的工作感到骄傲. 你的工作直接反映了你和我们公司的情况.

  • Keep your work site and company vehicle clean and 有组织的.

  • We are always better when we work as a team with a common focus and take care of each other.

  • Work boots, clean pants, and a tucked in shirt are required.

  • 让你的事业向前发展. Apply yourself with classroom training, effort, and asking questions.

  • 如果你有问题,一定要沟通. 我们会找到共同点的.

  • 做最好的自己!

  • 剥皮刀(无刀片)

  • 剥线钳

  • 平头和十字螺丝刀

  • 端刀(赛季)

  • 卷尺

  • 16盎司锤

  • 鱼雷的水平

  • 通道锁

  • 尖嘴钳

  • 角刀具(堤防)

  • 电池工具

  • 手工具

A-American Electric to Supply:
  • 大钻头和锯子

  • 弯管机

  • 绳子

  • 梯子

  • 安全设备

  • 大的钻头